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5 Solutions to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

The world of manufacturing is changing faster than ever before. Here at Ochiba we understand how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. This is why we’ve spent the last 13 years working closely with our customers to create the Ochiba OPTIONS software suite.

We know we can provide you with a solution. Whether, your business focuses on make-to-order products, or is more contract or project based Ochiba can help.

The unique features within the Ochiba OPTIONS range enhance SAP Business One’s to keep you ahead of the competition.

1 – Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Production

The Extended Production add-on for SAP Business One provides manufacturers with more visibility and control. This allows you to plan and record activities in real time.

Features include:

  • Easy to use make-to-order features
  • Multi-level sales order / item based ‘what if’ and production order release
  • Simple work to list bookings
  • Full Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) bookings system
  • Optional office-based time sheet booking
  • Rough Cut Capacity Plans
  • Simple Multi level / Sales Order production completion
  • Engineer Change Control (ECC)
  • Sub contract process management
  • Sheet / Bar Cutting optimisation

2 – Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order

The Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order add-on for SAP Business One, is the perfect solution if your company uses standard assemblies to provide tailored products. It gives you a flexible, multi-level screen to capture information and select the correct items to build a product or system.

Questionnaires guide you through the process to ensure only valid products or systems can be built. All costing and selling price calculations are determined instantly which enables you to produce an accurate quote.

3 – Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order

The Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order for SAP Business One has been created for companies which sell precision engineered products. If your company produces goods which are made to meet customer needs, then Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order will speed up your processes.

Usually, ERP systems require part codes to make the system work. OPTIONS Engineer to Order allows you to create estimates without needing to generate new item codes or Bill of Materials for parts first.

4 – SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Planning & Scheduling

The SIMATIC IT Preactor software range offers production planning and scheduling software for manufacturing companies. It works out achievable production schedules by taking into account a range of possible scenarios.

All products in the Preactor AS range take into account available resources and additional items to create an accurate picture. Orders can be scheduled quickly using built in rules. Plus, the planner can also interact with the schedule to make manual changes if needed.

5 – IA Project

IA Project meets the needs of project driven companies. Companies with a combination of trade, service and projects require a broad range of needs from a system.

IA Project will take into account:

  • Project Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Quotation Controls & Sales
  • Job Costing
  • Time registration
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Accounting & Invoicing
  • Financial Administration
  • CRM

For further information on how Ochiba can help your manufacturing company stay ahead of the competition call 0114 299 9430 today.


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