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Compass 10 Advanced Planning & Scheduling Software

Compass10 Advanced Planning & Scheduling Software has been specifically developed to help manufacturing companies react quickly and intelligently to unexpected changes.

It will help you respond to shorter lead times and increase customer satisfaction. by working out achievable production schedules to balance demand and capacity to generate achievable production schedules.

Manufacturers cannot react quickly to changes without planning & scheduling software. It can take hours or even days to generate a schedule using spreadsheets and be difficult to maintain or change.

Compass10 is essential for companies who want to stay competitive, increase profits and improve customer service. It will help you to make more efficient purchasing decision so you can reduce stock levels of both finished goods and raw materials.

Compass10 APS will help you in both long and mid-term planning. It looks at the availability of resources, as well as constraints such as tooling and materials, create an accurate plan so orders can be scheduled quickly. Furthermore, it can be manually altered to make changes based on the planners experience or new information.

Advanced Planning Software

Compass10 planning software is designed to generate accurate and consistent production plans. It will also create transfer plans for multi-site environments, as well as raw materials supply plans to help you balance supply and demand. 

Compass10 Advanced Planning includes the following features:

Master Production Schedule multi-level – MPS is the backbone of a manufacturing company. It balances market demand, based upon forecast data, customer orders and stock, with supply. Compass10 MPS supports multi-granular bucket definition and multi-level planning. Plus Planning Bills MPS can be run at aggregate level (product groups, models, categories…) and at the finished item level.

Integrated planning of materials & capacity – The Compass10 MPS engine synchronises the planning of materials and capacity, so material requirements and supplier call-offs are planned to the optimised finite capacity schedule. This will help you to minimise overall stock levels throughout the whole supply chain.

Multi-plant planning – Compass10 MPS  supports integrated planning in complex supply chains, multi-plant production environments and distribution networks.

Advanced Scheduling Software

Compass10 Advanced Scheduling creates an optimised production schedule in seconds. Plus it does this while following resource optimisation rules plus constraints including machine capacity, materials, skills, tools and warehouses availability.

The interactive, user friendly tools make it very easy to compare different scenarios and rapidly make the appropriate changes to achieve the optimal schedule.

Advanced Scheduling includes the following features:

Multi-constraint scheduling – Even in the most complex environments, Compass10 quickly generates your production schedule. Plus, the multi-constraints finite capacity approach takes into account machines, materials, skills, tools and warehouses availability.

Dynamic sequencing – The advanced scheduling tool generates the optimum production schedule based on item characteristics and operation tools. As a result, you’ll have less changeover downtime to boost productivity.

Interactive graphical interface – Gantt charts will help you analyse your production schedule and guide you through the process. Corrective actions and manual changes can be applied so you can immediately evaluate the effects before releasing the schedule to the floor.

Rhythm Wheel Production – The RWP approach can be enabled for Lean Manufacturing to create repetitive predefined patterns for each resource. This allows you to analyse future demand, machine productivity and item inventory, so you can work out production volumes and capacity use. As well as, seeing a learning curve due to predictable changeovers and therefore a reduction in manufacturing costs.


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