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B1 iPayments for SAP Business One

B1 iPayment makes it easy to accept electronic payments in SAP Business One.

Not only will it provide you with peace of mind, but it will also increase productivity by processing transactions in a fast, automated and secure way.

Boost your business by accepting electronic payments

When it comes to receiving payments, the simplest way is electronically.

B1 iPayment connects SAP Business One to a payment gateway where transactions can take place simply and securely. Plus, the tokenisation system removes the risks of storing sensitive data. With all the credit card details stored by the payment gateway, SAP Business One only receives a token of those details.

B1 iPayments for SAP Business One features

Competitive Advantage

  • Save (a lot) of Money – Every aspect of manual payments requires time and investment: posting, deposits, employees, manual processes, security, anti-fraud procedures, insurance, thefts, etc
  • Maximise Speed & Security – Electronic payments eliminate security risks, inconvenience, and the costs involved in handling cash and paper checks.
  • Improve Customer Retention – A customer is more likely to make a repeat purchase from suppliers that already have their information stored. Similarly, your customers don’t have to spend time queuing or on the phone waiting for their turn to transact – you can accept their payments 24/7 and at their convenience.
  • Get Paid Quickly – Automating payment processes will help you to get paid more promptly and efficiently, so minimizing issues that could turn into settlement delays. After all, healthy cash flow helps your business grow!
  • Freedom of Choice – B1 iPayment supports multiple payment gateways. This gives you the freedom to choose a suitable payment provider based on your preferences, location, support agreements, data processing levels, customer service and transaction fees.

Absolute Payment Security

  • PCI DSS Compliant Gateways – B1 iPayment is integrated with the best known and most trusted payment service providers, all of which follow the strictest security standards.
  • No Personal Data – In accordance with GDPR guidelines, you can choose not to store or clear any personal identifiable information on credit card holders.
  • Tokenisation – B1 iPayment does not store, process or transmit card details or cardholder data – only a representative token is used, keeping your business free of sensitive data.
  • Credit Card Links – Send your customers a secure link so they can enter their card details directly into a safe payment service provider website form. No one in your company needs to handle sensitive data!
  • Fraud Prevention – Take advantage of an extra layer of security provided by featured gateways, including additional verification systems such as AVS/CCV2/CAVV.

Streamline your Processes

  • Automate Now! – Simply create your documents in SAP Business One and let B1 iPayment do the work for you. Authorizations and settlements can be made automatically, from Sales Orders, through Invoices and all the way up to Accounts Receivable!
  • B1 Print & Delivery Integration – Maximise your productivity by combining B1 iPayment and B1 Print & Delivery! Send automated emails to your customers, containing personalized messages and PDF attachments featuring embedded links for making an online payment. An entirely effortless process, from invoicing to cash in the bank.
  • Pay Now Links – Get paid immediately by sending your customers a direct link to a payment page associated with a specific document.
  • Batch Transactions – Save time by batch processing credit cards transactions – e.g. authorizations, settlements and refunds.
  • No More Overdue Payments – Keep credit cards up to date by using the Credit Card Expiration Report. Check which credit cards are about to expire and update them before the next billing period.
  • Mass Link Generator – Keep organized! Export a CSV file list containing Business Partners, emails and Add Credit Card links to easily submit to your contacts and get their credit card information in place.
  • Support Multiple Cards – Handle different scenarios assigning multiple cards to customers and payments.
  • One-Time Customers – Easily handle one-time customers, assigning credit cards and their transactions to independent documents.
  • Point-of-Sale – B1 iPayment supports Square – a prominent payment service provider offering a POS solution for SAP Business One. In this way, you can extend your electronic card payments to the physical point of sale.

Ease of Use

  • Go-Live Checklist – For quick and easy configuration of B1 iPayment, just follow the checklist steps to set up your preferred payment gateway.
  • Troubleshooting Assistant – If something goes wrong, you’ll be guided through a detailed action log, featuring a list of solutions and actions to take.
  • Beyond SAP Business One – Extend your reach by integrating B1 iPayment with third party systems such as e-commerce stores, and benefit from a unified flow of operations.


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