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Running SAP Business One and still using Excel for Financial and Management Reporting?

We all know basic P&L and Balance Sheets in SAP Business One are a far cry from the comprehensive accounting software you need. The transactional finance system is solid, but where are the tools to get the management and financial reports with the metrics you need?

It’s been been the same story for over 15 year, but now there’s a solution……

Ochiba have been working with FastClose, to bring to you the ultimate Accounting Intelligence tool for SAP Business One. Where SAP Business One stops, FastClose closes the financial management reporting loop.


FastClose & SAP Business One

The benefits of using FastClose Accounting Software include:

Your monthly management report can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. It’s crucial for your managers to understand how all areas are contributing to the bottom line, and where it can be changed in order to improve it.

The monthly management report is only useful when it contains the right data so you can take appropriate action. Managing the budgets and forecasts in SAP Business One and using FastClose to analyse financial metrics will give you a new dimension in both the medium and long term planning of your business.

The templates in FastClose will help you to structure the information you need in order to analyse, adjust, and produce your board packs. Therefore, you can make timely and relevant decisions about the financial performance of your business, all within just a few days of the month end.

FastClose accounting software key features:

Full control of your design

FastClose Hierarchies

Add custom calculations which work across multiple measures (actuals, budgets, forecasts, etc) as soon as the calculation is defined, nesting multiple measures under a calculation. Use ranges and financial periods to automatically create columns with drill down to details that are defined by the user.

Define your own hierarchies

FastClose Hieracrchies

Report writers and Business Intelligence tools allow you to add columns and calculations for columns, but not design the report content down the page in terms of rows, account groupings, subtotals, etc. This is essential for financial reporting. With FastClose you can work with your existing chart of accounts, or re-map your COA into your management reporting structures.

Why Choose FastClose for SAP Business One?

Dave Worsman Managing Director of Ochiba says “FastClose provides a host of fantastic features and has revolutionised the financial management of our company. It provides a huge number of additional benefits for financial directors, controllers and department managers.”



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