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Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links provides an automated link between SAP Business One and the leading UK Courier systems. This means delivery information only needs entering once, eliminating duplicate data entry and speeding up the logistics process.

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links seamlessly integrates with the UK’s main courier systems including:

  • Royal Mail
  • UPS
  • Fedex
  • DPD
  • TNT
  • XDP
  • New carriers added on request

The integration can be run within SAP Business One as a stand alone function, or invoked from Sales Order,Delivery Note or Invoice

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links for SAP Business One delivers the following features:

Tailored entry screens

Each courier has its own screen. This screen will include all the key fields that need to be completed prior to sending to the courier system. Fields will even auto-complete from SAP where possible.

Courier Selection

You will have a selection of couriers to send the delivery to, and can set and amend any of the relevant courier options.

Export Information

You will also have the ability to export the information to the courier system with the click of a button. This data will automatically appear within the couriers own system where possible. Then by using the courier’s own screen, you will be able to print documentation and labels.

Import Information

The courier’s system then instantly updates files back to SAP Business One. This information can then be used to update the despatch details, such as tracking numbers.

Automatic Updates

The Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links can also provide automatic updates to your customers with personalised emails containing tracking information (requires purchase of Spindle Professional).

Tracking Information

All the information is also available within the delivery record in SAP Business One for internal users.

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