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The Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order for SAP Business One has been developed for companies which sell precision engineered products.

If your company produces goods which are manufactured to meet specific customer requirements or specifications e.g components for aerospace manufacturing, either by completely new designed-to-order products or bespoke modifications to existing items, then Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order will speed up your processes.

Typically, ERP systems like SAP Business One, require the use of part codes to make the system work, OPTIONS Engineer to Order allows you to create estimates without needing to generate new item codes or Bill of Materials for individual parts first. You are able to quickly create quotes by entering the information required in a single screen. Estimates for existing parts and BOMs can be pulled in and modified, or brand new details can be entered.

Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order is an extension to the OPTIONS Extended Production Pack and allows you to fully define a finished product, including the parts, materials, labour, resources and tooling required to create a multilevel Bill of Material (BOM).

Material items can be defined with quantities, costs, uplifts, surcharges, lead-times and suppliers. Labour operations can be defined with Op No, Op details, set-up time, run time, costs, uplifts and subcontract information if required. Where new assemblies or subassemblies are needed, the details captured are used to automatically create the required item codes and BOMs in SAP Business One.

No item information is created or updated in SAP Business One until the estimate is confirmed as an order. Any BOM modifications are also pushed to SAP Business One at the point of order, so that the items and BOMs in SAP Business One are kept as clean as possible.

All costs are rolled up automatically into a summary line for each part and defined on the estimate and for the quote as a whole. A cost breakdown is summarised by in-house work, parts, materials, subcontract, tooling and other.

When building a BOM, you can also create subcontract processes that work with the Ochiba Options Extended Production Pack. This allows the conversion process of the subcontract work to be correctly reflected in the costs and for the control of parts and free issue materials.

Once a sales order has been accepted, the Sales Order to Production Order Creation screen can be used to raise everything required for the order, taking advantage of all the make-to-order specific functions of the Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Production Pack.


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