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SAP Business One for Retail

As a retailer, you know that it isn’t just about selling a product at the lowest price. It’s about finding ways to create a unique shopping experience to attract new customers and strengthen the loyalty of those you already have. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of trends and adapt to changes in customer behaviour and tastes. Therefore, having insight into stock and logistics, plus having the right products on hand to meet customer demand is essential.

With SAP Business One you do this all within a single system. It will help you manage sales, track inventory, monitor customer demand, coordinate loyalty programs and view supplier schedules.

SAP Business One benefits retailers with:

  • Increased sales – less out of stock products mean you’ll have the right items on hand for your customers.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – by responding faster to their needs you’re increase customer loyalty and therefore sales.
  • Reduced inventory costs – accurate stock and distribution processes will save on wastage.
  • Quicker turnaround – instant access to information means you can anticipate customer demand and respond quickly.

The world of retail and e-commerce is changing faster than ever before. SAP Business One and the Ochiba OPTIONS range are the perfect solution to keep ahead in an ever changing world.

SAP Business One for eCommerce

The Ochiba OPTIONS eCommerce module helps you whether you have an existing website, or you are planning a new one.

The direct link with SAP Business One will handle both B2B and B2C sales across multiples websites. And it easily deals with customer specific pricing and payment on account.

Data automatically moves between your SAP Business One system and website. This means that if the connection goes down, your website can still process orders until the connection is restored.

SAP Business One for Cash & Carry

As a Cash & Carry business you need to to keep prices low while increasing volume. This means you’re always trying to find ways to improve margins and grow revenue. Stock is probably your biggest asset.

We’ve worked with many businesses like yours over the years. During this time we’ve helped our customers discover up to 30% of their stock is excess or obsolete. While highlighting the worrying fact that customer demand isn’t being met between 5% – 40% of the time. This can mean orders have to be placed directly with suppliers at a higher costs that can’t be passed on.

SAP Business One for Retail will help you manage this balancing act by streamlining your entire order-to-cash process. It will also provide you with clear visibility into inventory levels, order status, supplier schedules and customer demands.


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