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SAP Business One for Retail

As a retailer, you know that it isn’t just about selling a product at the lowest price. It’s about keeping ahead of trends and adapting to changes in customer behaviour and tastes. Which is why insight into stock and logistics, as well as having the right products on hand to meet customer demand is essential.

SAP Business One will help you do all this from within a single system. It will help you manage sales, track inventory, monitor customer demand, coordinate loyalty programs and view supplier schedules.

SAP Business One for Retail

eCommerce Solutions

Are you looking for a truly scalable secure solution that will help you get online and grow alongside your business? Then you need look no further than SAP Business for Retail from Ochiba.

We can create you a complete and hassle free eCommerce solution. In fact, the only action you’ll need to carry out is to confirm the order has been despatched. Which is usually carried out on a mobile scanning device in the warehouse.

Your new or existing eCommerce website will be fully integrated with SAP Business One so you always have a complete picture of your business. Plus, we can also seamlessly connect your system to a wide range of digital marketplaces to help you increase sales.

Not only will you have a solution to handle both B2B and B2C selling, but it will even deal with customer specific pricing and payment on account. And, it will still process orders even if the link between SAP and the website ever goes down.

Plus, orders and payments can be processed automatically, which means you can immediately send dispatch information to a courier and the tracking number straight to the customer.

Point of Sale Solutions

SAP Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Checkout lets you take cash and card payments, as well as handling transactions and invoicing. It will provide you with a versatile Point Of Sale (POS) system that links directly into inventory control to offer extra real-time accurate information. And, when an item arrives in stock it can go on sale immediately.

It prevents bottlenecks in the purchasing system by combining information from outlets with your supply chain management. It will help you evaluate your data at any time so you know exactly how much to order and which products are particularly profitable.

At then at the end of the day, it will give you a detailed overview of the balance of cash, card payments and vouchers. Any potential discrepancies are easy to see which means you can instantly investigate and trace where they came from.

Maeko Connect

It’s an easy to use of EPOS system which uses touchscreens, wireless devices, EFT and biometrics economically and in real time. So it lets you increase the efficiency of your employees by reducing training time, user errors and user effort by simplifying complex ERP processes.

It transfers information to and from your SAP Business One system is in real time, so, you’ll always have a true picture of stock, sales and availability.

Stock Control Solutions

Ochiba OPTIONS Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Do you find it difficult to keep track of what’s in stock and where it is?  If you do then Ochiba OPTIONS Warehouse Management System (WMS) for SAP Business One is the answer.

Our WMS module will help you increase accuracy and integrate your current stock information into SAP Business One so you’ll always have an accurate view of your warehouse.

So you can carry out stock control by barcode scanners, and then intuitive screens take you through the WMS process. The system has been designed to help improve inventory control and cut down training requirements in fast-moving warehouse environments.


NETSTOCK is a cloud app that helps to reduce excess inventory and free up working capital while minimising stock-outs and increasing revenue.

It integrates with SAP Business One to always give you an accurate view of inventory levels and investment, produce quality forecasts and optimal replenishment recommendations.

Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Logistics

Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Logistics add-on for SAP Business One will help your to deal with any unexpected delays while making sure you can always meet demand.

This module includes a number of features to streamline your day-to-day stock management processes. Plus, it will provide you with increased visibility and the ability to manage long lead time items.

Web Pick & Pack

This will help you to review the stock status for open orders, create replenishment requests to move stock from bulk to pick locations, and create pick lists which have stock allocated.

CRM for SAP Business One

Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Sales add-on for SAP Business One

Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Sales will give your sales team everything it needs to become more efficient and increase sales.

It enhances SAP Business One with a number of sales and CRM tools to help your team generate more revenue.  In fact, with the Ochiba OPTION Extended Sales add-on, increasing sales has never been so easy!

SAP Business One CRM for Outlook

CRM for Outlook enables sales, support and management to perform and update important SAP Business One tasks directly from Outlook. So you’ll save time and increase adoption of your SAP Business One.

Whether you need to see the most recent sales to a customer or update a business opportunity or a lead or even create documents, you can now do this in Outlook.

Outlook CRM software means you won’t have to open separate applications for emails, sales activity tracking and lead generation. Therefore, the user’s life is made easier with less clutter.

Courier Integration

With the Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links add-on for SAP Business One, you’ll have a direct link between SAP B1 and your courier’s booking system.

Which means delivery information only needs to be entered once, so there’s no chance for errors and it speeds up the distribution process.

Intelligent Forecasting

If you want to succeed in today’s fast moving world, having access to indepth analytics with business intelligence gives you the edge. It will mean you can act confidently because you know you have all the information available.

It gives you insight on history, your current situation, and will predicted trends. So, you can easily see the next step you should take to help your business. You’ll benefit from the combination of one of the strongest business intelligence (BI) systems available with an easy to use ERP system.

By combining SAP Business One for Retails & SAP Analytics Cloud you’ll be able to design, visualise and organise your data to identify unseen patterns. This will help you:

  • Anticipate problems before they arise – intelligent forecasting automatically detects risks
  • Find answers easily, just ask – conversational artificial intelligence and natural language technology
  • Do more with less – machine learning helps to simulate the impact of strategic changes on business outcomes
  • Evaluate and predict business outcomes – gain valuable insights in less time

The system will embed planning and analysis directly into your business processes. This means employees can learn about relevant patterns and trends as they work. And, the latest predictive tools allow you to intelligently forecast potential outcomes with the push of a button.

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From purchasing stock, to taking an order and right through the delivery process, we can help with every single step of your business operations.

Contact us to discover how SAP Business One for retail will help you to:

  • Increase sales – fewer out of stock products means you’ll always have the right items available
  • Improve customer satisfaction – by responding faster you’ll increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce inventory costs – with accurate stock and distribution processes you’ll save on wastage
  • Speed up turnaround – the instant access to information means you can anticipate demand

Request a callback and achieve more than ever before with SAP Business One for Retail from Ochiba Business Solutions!


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