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SAP Business One

SAP Business One has been specifically developed for SME’s and is currently used at over 60,000 companies by one million people worldwide. SAP B1’s global popularity comes from its ability to manage all aspects of an organisation in one single software system.

Companies like yours have big goals. But it’s easy to lose focus when day-to-day issues demand your immediate attention. It’s also easy to forget the “big picture” when data lives in different locations. On top of this, disjointed sales, accounting and operational processes can also create bottlenecks and reduce productivity.

It’s important you have a clear view of your whole business to stay competitive. SAP Business One will streamline your processes and help you find better ways of working. It’ll give you instant access to whatever information you need, which will mean you can make the best decisions possible.

SAP Business One can help your company see clearly, think clearly and act clearly. It’ll help you close the gap between strategy and execution and become a best-run business.

SAP Business One Benefits

SAP Business One is a single software system that provides a clear view and complete control of your entire business. Unlike accounting packages and spreadsheets, it gives you everything you need to manage all your company. SAPB1’s key areas, include:

  • Accounting & finance
  • Sales & customer management
  • Purchasing & operations
  • Inventory & distribution
  • Reporting & administration

It’s been designed to be flexible, and whether onsite or cloud based, it can be accesed both from your desk or on the road. Plus, because SAP Business One runs on both the SAP HANA® and SQL, you can choose the one that’s best for your business.

What’s more, your employees can start using it from day one. Then, as your business grows, it grows with you to meet your needs.

SAP Business One will integrate your whole business in one system. This means you aren’t using multiple spreadsheets across your company, which removes the worry of duplicate data entry, costs and errors. Automatic alerts make sure you know when important events occur so you can focus on the most critical issues. SAP Business One gives you a clear view into how your business is performing, which gives you greater confidence in the information you’re using to make decisions.

Together with the fully integrated Crystal Reports software, SAP Business One has dashboards and reports will provide insight into all business areas. Information can be easily drilled into so you can get answers to your most urgent questions. This also means customer needs can be responded to quicker than ever before. While revenue, costs and cash flows can be tracked to assess performance and take quick corrective action.

Why Choose SAP Business One?

You can put SAP Business One to work straight away by just using the parts your company currently needs. Then, you can switch on extra modules as the system grows and develops with you. You can also use the SAP Business One studio, software development kit, or the Ochiba OPTIONS range to enhance it even further to meet your specific needs.

Designed for SME’s, SAP Business One will:

  • Streamline your business – quicker operations will provide you with a real-time accurate view of your whole company
  • Increase customer satisfaction – instant access to all the imformation you need means you can respond quicker to customer requests
  • Reduce errors – using a single system stops the need to duplicate information, which improves efficiency and minimises your costs
  • Tailor your system – whether, in-house or cloud, and SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL, SAP Business One will meet your needs
  • Quick implementation – our consultants will make sure your system is up and running as quick as possible
  • Reduce system maintenance – a single system means less time is spent maintaining your operations
  • Minimal training – intuitive screens and processes help to get everyone up and running without the need for extensive training

Core Modules

SAP Business One is a single system which manages your entire business.

It automates processes to improve efficiency and gives you all the information needed to make the best possible decisions. With a clear view of your whole company you can gain greater control over your business. It will help you see who your best customers are and serve them better.

SAPB1 Core Modules
  • Chart of accounts
  • Journal entries
  • Posting templates
  • Recurring postings
  • Exchange rates in multiple currencies
  • Financial reports
  • Budget mgmt
  • Post accounting
  • Multiple posting periods
  • Incoming payments
  • Outgoing payments
  • Payment run
  • Bank statement processing
  • Checks
  • Credits
  • Deferred payments
  • Account reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets
  • SEPA
  • Project Costing
  • Opportunity & pipeline mgmt
  • Contact mgmt
  • Activities mgmt
  • Calendar
  • Campaign mgmt
  • Blanket agreements
  • Quotations
  • Purchase orders
  • Deliveries
  • Returns
  • Invoices
  • Dunning
  • Price lists in multiple currencies
  • Special prices
  • Period and volume discounts
  • Customer mgmt
  • Drop Ship
  • Gross profit calculation
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • E-commerce Integration
  • E-marketing integration
  • Upsell / Alternative Items
  • EPOS Integration
  • Service mgmt
  • Service planning
  • Tracking across multiple
  • customer interactions
  • Equipment card handling
  • Service Dashboards
  • Service contracts
  • Mobile Interaction
  • Recurring transactions
  • Human resource
  • integration
  • Knowledge database
  • Service calendar
  • Service call processing
  • Mobile field service
  • Resource planning
  • Planned maintenance
  • Recurring billing
  • Site equipment card
  • Service Consumables
  • Project Solutions
  • Installation scheduling
  • Purchase request
  • Purchase quotations
  • Web-enabled RFQ
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods receipt POs
  • Goods return A/P Invoice
  • A/P Reserve Invoice
  • Down-payment
  • Invoice/ Request
  • Cancel Marketing
  • Documents
  • A/P credit memos
  • Landed costs
  • Intrastat
  • Import Process
  • Workflow
  • Supplier price feeds

The Ochiba OPTIONS range enhances SAP Business One’s Core Modules to meet your businesses specific requirements.

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After 30 years of R&D, SAP released SAP HANA. It’s development has ‘reinvented’ the database.

The advances in SAP HANA mean operations can be 10-1000x faster than a traditional database. With simpler design and operations it allows applications to be built that weren’t possible before. SAP HANA also removes the need for separate and multiple Servers, Data Stores, Datamarts and BI Tools.

Call 0114 299 9430 to find out how SAP HANA will revolutionise your SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud provides all the advantages of SAP Business One plus the benefits of the cloud.

It has the flexibility to start small and grow alongside your business. TSAP Business One Cloud is provided as a service, so you don’t need to hire experienced IT staff to manage and support your software and its infrastructure.

Call 0114 299 9430 to discover how SAP Business One Cloud can benefit your company.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud quickly combines data from different places to uncover hidden insights.

Designed to be easy to use, it helps you quickly manipulate your data. You can then analyse the information using the built in graphics to gain a full picture.

SAP Analytics Cloud helps you quickly discover valuable insights that were hidden before – without scripts, queries or reports.


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